Friday, 24 February 2017

A day of travel from Dodoma to Dar

The only thing we didn't manage to achieve at Umonga (and I forgot to put on the blog yesterday ... slacking ... only had an extra twenty four hours to remember it!) was putting the colour and the message onto the gate ... the weather and emotion made it too difficult to ask the students to focus on the more intricate task ... so it remains black which is better than most gates we see which are not painted at all ... we left Rose with the design, paint and brushes and asked her to send a photo when it is done. The other thing of note from yesterday that I didn't mention was the response of the Umonga students to the dancing of George and Max during the second rendition of our song ... they threw some shapes and the students particularly liked the wiggling of their nether regions 😃😃

We were well looked after at the Four Points hotel and if I get the chance to bring more students to Tanzania it would be my first choice, above Citi Climax for three reasons ... the food, the pool and the staff. The quality of the food we were given was excellent every meal, the pool gave a focus (when it wasn't raining) for the students to let off some steam after a hard day (emotionally) at the school and the staff were just so welcoming and helpful.

We set off at 8.15 this morning, stopping at a great little food place in Morogoro that I have used before ... the kids were a bit dozy after over four hours on the bus but seemed to appreciate the great Tanzanian food. 

Then back on the bus to arrive in Dar 18.15 ... at the peculiar but familiar Sawe hotel with its bathroom doors that lock you in and only one key to service every door in the place ... we met Sampson at dinner (chicken and chips of course!) who was one of the team last time I was here and who takes over from Fred for the Zanzibar leg of the trip ... it's an early start in the morning as we have to be at the 7am ferry by 06.30 ... so early curfew of 9pm for us all tonight ... wifi at Sawe is the best of the journey so far so it should be easy to post this rather than my usual wait! 

Here is something to ponder on ... the country waits for rain and needs rain (I have seen the sign 'water is life' in a number of places here), but when it arrives it arrives with such fury over a few hours, it affects services, roads, education etc hugely ... for instance everything stopped at Umonga in the rain! Their drainage system is poor and little water seems to be actually trapped for good use? I am sure they could do more on that front.

Obviously I'll be discussing with the students that next time it rains at BES we won't stop lessons and stand around enjoying it 😃. Hopefully there will be good wifi tomorrow night and I'll update you on our first day in Zanzibar ... all the best for now. Mr L


  1. Thanks for taking the time to post such interesting, detailed and candid updates - I feel as I have be able to experience the highs and lows of your trip without stepping outside of Derbyshire! It has brought back some amazing memories of my trip to Umonga with BES a few years ago. Inspired, humbled and encouraged - well done BES. Love to Phil and Beth. N+N x