Saturday, 18 February 2017

Dodoma at last

have to say the kids have been great ... it's been another interesting day ... really giving them the true African experience!!
They were all up on time this morning and ready and eager for a breakfast of hard boiled eggs, andas  (like doughnuts) fried green banana and bread with some tea ... then onto the bus for the trip to Dodoma ... 7 hours we were told ... 9 hours later still on the bus ... it was an eventful journey full of great experiences of people selling produce every time the bus stopped, knocking on windows ... different countryside and loads of colourful Masai as they had a gathering from far and wide by the side of the road ... experiences of 'interesting' driving styles and rough roads ... chicken three meals out of four ...  and then we arrived at the four points hotel ... it looks fantastic, the staff are very welcoming and the manager is great and helpful ... we met Sinene (teacher from Umonga I know well) and planned a few things and then sat down to dinner ... and then the lights went out! And stayed out! Again the kids were great ... phone torches to the rescue as Fred gave them an orientation chat (very atmospheric!) but the food was going cold as the staff all tried to sort the power out ... eventually all power restored and kids fed ... and then someone found the wolves v Chelsea game live on tv so that sorted most of them out for the rest of the evening! Mrs C, Beth and I taught Fred a card game (Rummy) and he proceeded to beat us in only his second game! The kids all think he is great ... and he has been brilliant ... even when I got him out of bed a few minutes ago, the power had failed so it was torches again but Joshes mosquito net was too small ... he's got a room upgrade for tonight whilst they get another net!

So finally we have power ... the kids are all in bed ... possibly without a/c tonight as the power keeps tripping out ... but we have power and therefore wifi ... and more importantly than that Mrs C and I can get on the wifi because we've banished them all to bed ... so finally I can do the blog and keep you up to date.

An eventful day, brilliant experiences ... and then it's church in the morning for an hour ... not sure how they will cope with that but we're promised gospel singing and no experience that broadens your mind can be too bad! I'll let you know the verdict tomorrow evening ... so
Long as we have power ... can't keep my eyes open any longer so better sign off for now ... kwaherini Mr L


  1. OMG! You are all getting the full Africa experience!! Well done for keeping everyone's spirits and confidence high enabling them to deal effectively with all these surprises, unexpected situations and potentially confidence-shaking experiences. I am sure they'll be talking about these days for a long time and in the future they'll draw on the resilience that they have developed having had this experience so far away from home and family. So proud of you Mwalimo nzuri. Usiku mwema. Nick and Ninja x

  2. Wow what a day!!! It would have to happen to josh!!! Just the kind of experiences they need to have.....look forward to reading what tomorrow may hold!!!