Sunday, 19 February 2017

Here I am again!!

well I was wrong ... dinner wasn't arriving ... what was arriving was an excuse that food wouldn't be arriving for another hour! Hey ho ... the kids took it in good humour as a great excuse to play more games!


  1. Oh how very African!! Sounds like you have all had an amazing day and makes our day watching the new Matt Damon film, visiting the re-homed geese and then cooking a full Christmas Dinner (we decided we liked it as a meal so much we should have it more then once a year!!) sound really dull. So wish I was going to be coming with you to Umonga School tomorrow........... Phil and Beth - you will be delighted to hear that Spurs beat Fulham 3-0 in the 5th round of the FA Cup so quarter finals here we come - let's hope we get a favourable opponent :-) :-) Please send my love and regards to anyone that remembers me at the School. Kuwa siku kubwa katika shule ya sekondari ya Umonga kesho. Kutuma upendo na salamu kutoka Uingereza xx

    1. Harry Kane hat-trick!

  2. FA Cup Blackburn 1-2 Man Utd.
    Quarter final draw to follow...

  3. Love be to catch up via the blog!! - very entertaining!!! Sounds like you are all having an amazing time!!

    upendo kwa wote - kufurahia na kuwa na furaha x

  4. Sutton's FA Cup dreamed ended by Arsenal in a 2-0 defeat. Sutton played brilliantly and had a couple of great chances on goal so the result could have been quite different but everyone treated to a great game of football.

  5. Hi Phil, glad all is going more or less according to plan. Boys are ok here. Hope the netball kits went down well. Say hi to Rose for me. and hope trip continues well.

  6. Champions League result for Anna, Man City 5-3 Monaco - too much happened in the game to put on this post, extremely eventful!