Tuesday, 14 February 2017

The final countdown

Habari (hello how are you) volunteers, 
Just a quick reminder that you should take your anti malarials at breakfast time please as that is when I will be asking you to take them in Tanzania ... remember to start taking them the prescribed amount of time before we leave ... if it's malarone that will probably be from Wednesday morning. Please also make sure that the tablets are in your hand luggage as you will need to take them on the flight.
As previously suggested please bring bags to room 60/61 (the demountables nearest the sixth form student centre) at the start of the day. I will ensure they are locked away until 1.05 and we will meet in the room at 1.30. 
For parents who want to wave us off remember our intention is to leave at 2.30 at the earliest.
Kwaheri ya kuonana (goodbye for now) 
I wish us all Safari njema (safe journey)
Mr L

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