Monday, 27 February 2017

Quick update from Dar airport

Time check: 15.00 Dar es salaam airport (12.00 UK time) Now there's a turn up for the books ... free wifi at Dar airport! All sixteen of us have managed to get through the airport security and passport control ... although we nearly lost Oli W because they hadn't printed a boarding pass for him for the first leg of the journey ... fortunately I noticed it and he is looking very relieved! It's been a good day but long already ... we started travelling at 08.00 this morning (05.00 U.K. Time) and we will be in transit until about 14.00 tomorrow (UK time) when we should be at BES ... as I said earlier I'll update during our stop over in Dubai (4 hours) probably after the squad have visited MacDonald's or whatever fast food joint is there now! Flight from here leaves at 16.30 (13.30 🇬🇧 time) ... talk later. Mr L

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