Sunday, 19 February 2017

Church goes down well!

The day started well ... sausages for breakfast with eggs, bread and mango juice ... very nice too. Then off to church ... as many pointed out, if it was that lively in the U.K. they would like to go! Out of the mouths of babes!

I was given two whole seconds notice that they were expecting a few words from me in the welcoming visitors section ... so thinking on my feet off I went ... the most interesting thing was there were three other white English faces in the congregation and when I mentioned Bridgnorth one lady perked up and when I mentioned umonga she peeked up again ... it turns out she has retired and is out here lecturing and teaching in a nursery for two years ... lived in Bridgnorth for a year and her Tanzanian ward went to umonga ... its such a small 🌎 

Anyway, after some socialising we have an additional visit to make (to the nursery) and then walked through Dodoma ... photo at Julius Nyerere square to add to last time ... and then a super market for soda and snacks ... I bought some baobab and banana crisis so they could all try ... Max bought Pringles!! His excuse for not supporting the industry of Tanzania was it's a different flavour ... obviously we discussed the error of his ways 😃

After a lunch of guess what?? Bet I got you there ... it wasn't chicken it was a beef curry ... although it is roast chicken again tonight (with pasta) ... they all had an afternoon by and in the pool ... lots of high jinks ensued! Rose Msafiri (headteacher) joined us to be introduced to the students before we sat and planned the school itinerary for the next four days ... 

We have just met as our two groups and planned our lessons ... one on shapes and one on time which sound good ... and now at nearly 7.30 we are waiting for the dinner promised at 7 ... kids are getting used to African time now so have quickly got games started when dinner isn't appearing ... they remain a great group and are doing really well ... and it means they are playing a game giving me time to get an early blog post in meaning I might get toned earlier! Apologies to those who have made comments on the blog, really great for me to read and share with the students but the wifi isn't strong enough to let me reply (for some reason!) ... please keep commenting as it's good to know you're there (also I somehow managed to delete the post that had been read the most ... fat fingers trying to blog on a phone is my only defence ... I've sent a plea to Toby at school to see if he can restore it ... it had 123 reads!) ... 

There are signs dinner could be on the way so I'll sign off and if it's a quiet night I'll leave the next update until tomorrow ... kwaherini ... 

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